Is there an API for Diagram and Object Display Options?

We would like to standardize on the display of our submodels to provide a more unified look to the diagrams in Team Server.  This means having consistent settings for the way Tables are displayed in Models.  For example, we would always like to include the Datatype, Domain, Null Option, Owner, and Default Value for tables.  The default settings when you create a new Submodel do not include all of these.

Does anybody know if there a way to:

a) Change the default settings that are used when a new Submodel is created


b) Use a macro to access and set the Display options for a Submodel?  I don't see anything in the API reference that would indicate these display option properties are exposed...

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  • Hi Sue.  When published into Team Server, the models and submodels are rendered exactly as they appear in data architect, based on the display options that were set for that particular model/subbmodel.

    When a submodel is created, it inherits the same display properties of it's parent model or submodel.  Therefore, if you want consistent appearance in all submodels that you create, first make format changes to the main model. Individual submodels can then be changed independently.

    It is also very easy to apply the format to all (or a subset of submodels all at once).  When you make a format change, simply navigate to the "Apply To" tab within the "Diagram and Object Display Options editor, then click the checkboxes beside all that you wish to change.  Checking the top checkbox beside the Diagram file name will automatically check (select) all others.