How to modify specific Attribute Display font/colour in macro

I have a macro that sets the colour, font etc of Entities based on Attachment Bindings.

However, I also want to do the same for specific attributes, based on attachment bindings on each attribute.

I know how to loop through attributes on an entity, but I don't know how to access an 'AttributeDisplay' object, or whatever it is called.

I don't have any user manual for this kind of thing, and end up just looking through example macros.

So, does anyone know how I can access the equivalent of 'AttributeDisplay' objects of an EntityDisplay object?



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  • Hi David,

    I have similar requirement as yours. I need to change the entity color based on the value present in one of the attachment bindings in the entity. You mentioned that you have this working code. I am struggling to loop through the entities and checking the value in attachment bindings. Would you mind sharing your code please? 

    Thanks in advance.



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