Creating relationships with roles

Say I have 2 entities (showing entity/table and attribute/column names):

"Date Dimension"/D_DATE. Primary key = "Date SK"/date_sk

"Transaction Fact"/F_TRANSACTION. Attribute = "Keyed Date SK"/keyed_date_sk

How do I create a relationship between these two attributes via a macro?

I've tried using the AddWithRoleName function but I cannot get it to work - probably because I do not know how to create the PKPairList value correctly

Just to be clear, I want to create a relationship where the parent = D_DATE.date_sk and the child = F_TRANSACTION.keyed_date_sk


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  • Nick, I was wondering if you got this to work.  I finally came across a need for this and am also having problems.  I'm using the AddWithRoleName method of the Relationships collection, and sertting the PKPair property per the API documentation, but can't seem to get it to work either.

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