DataMovementRuleLink ValueOverride does not work for RuleType = Text List

I am trying to create Visual Data Lineage Transformations and Data Movement Rules via Macros.  The DataMovementRuleLink.ValueOverride does not work when the RuleType is Text. It works for other Rule Types.

Am I defining the correct objects in the dim section?


Option Explicit

Sub main

Dim diag As Diagram
Dim dfs As DataFlows
Dim df As DataFlow
Dim tr As Transformation
Dim dmrl As DataMovementRuleLink


Set diag = DiagramManager.ActiveDiagram
Set dfs = diag.DataFlows
Set df = diag.ActiveDataFlow

Set tr = df.Transformations.Item("Initial Load - Step 1")  ' Or any other transformation in dataflow

For Each dmrl In tr.DataMovementRuleLinks

Debug.Print "--------------------------------------"
Debug.Print "RuleName: " + dmrl.RuleName
Debug.Print "RuleType: " + dmrl.RuleType

If dmrl.RuleName = "Test" Then
    Debug.Print "Old Value: " + dmrl.ValueCurrent
    dmrl.ValueOverride = "Text Updated by Macro" ' works fine
    Debug.Print "New Value: " +dmrl.ValueCurrent

ElseIf dmrl.RuleName = "test2" Then
    Debug.Print "Rule Text: "+ dmrl.RuleText
    Debug.Print "Old Value: " + dmrl.ValueCurrent  ' Returns 2
    dmrl.ValueOverride = "3" ' Does not work, Also tried = "Option3". Note: RuleText=1,*"Option1",2,"Option2",3,"Option3"
    Debug.Print "New Value: " +dmrl.ValueCurrent
End If


End Sub