Changing Layout Relationship

When I right click on a relationship line the menu has a [Layout Relationship] submenu that allows me to change the line layout type for that relationship.

Does anyone know where this is in the programmatic interface - or perhaps knows for certain that it doesn't exist?

  • I believe what you're looking for is:
    SubModel.StraightRelLine = TRUE or FALSE


  • Thanks

    I saw that and didn't see how it could be applicable to a single line given it's at the submodel level.

    It doesn't seem to do anything by it self so it seems I need to combine that with some other operation but I don't see anything that might cause a re-draw on an existing line. If I add a new line that seems to determine the layout but to delete and re-add existing lines are fraught with complexities if they have comments or other extended properties attached.

    Is there something that will force a redraw on a specific line?

  • After speaking with some of my colleagues I think the best thing to do would be to remove the relationship from the submodel display and then add it back in.  Since you're just removing the display of the relationship, all the relationship info will still be there.

    So you'll need to get the following information:

    Then in the submodel, you'll need to 
    submodel.RelationshipDisplays.Remove (RelationshipDisplay.ID)

    then you can add it back in
    submodel.RelationshipDisplays.Add (RelationshipDisplay.ParentRelationship.ID)

  • Well if I don't really loose anything in the delete than it's not so hard after all.