Single Sign-On (LDAP) and AD groups

Hi everybody,

I'm configuring Team Server (and Repo) to use LDAP for authentication. In general, it works fine.

I would like to create a dedicated AD group (e.g. Idera_Users) and I would like to configure Single Sign-On to check if user is a member of that specific group.

Any ideas how to do this? Is it even possilble?

thanks in advance!


  • Team Server is light on these sorts of things right now. We are planning on adding SSO support for Azure AD and Okta. After that we are hoping to start doing more with AD Groups. At the moment our only AD interaction is to check the username and password of a user, we dont handle AD groups at all. We are planning to allow you to assign AD groups to Team Server groups. Right now you have to set up your own groups in Team Server and allocate users manually.