Collibra integration

Has anyone tried the Collibra integration features in version 19.1?  If so, thoughts, reviews, etc.?

  • Good question Rodney. We currently have a Tiger Team of customers who are trying it out. Once they have achieved some value hopefully they will respond here. This is the start of a journey with Collibra and a big part of our Data Fabric story. The plan is to get architects in ER/Studio contributing to the Collibra catalog and helping to map Business terms to data models. We can then do exciting things like pass marked up models, containing properties from Collibra terms, to WhereScape to then use to automate the creation of security in the warehouse. Exciting times ahead!

  • Any updates on this integration ?

  • Yes, we have quite a few clients using this now. We've been through some rounds of bug fixing and have been adding new features.I'd love to see some frank reviews of what we have done here as we've had very positive feedback in one to ones. I'd invite any Collibra users to try it out and let us know.