Import SSIS pacakages into the existing model (with data lineage included)

Hello good people,

here's the situation in short:
We have a data warehouse on MS SQL Server and we’re using SSIS to load data (from various systems) into it.
Now we want to properly document our data landscape (to get the clear picture from where does the particular piece of data coming from), i.e. data lineage.
We have ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition (running 18.5 atm), so I know there is a possibility to import SSIS packages and that appears to work fine. But…

I have data warehouse model (reverse engineered) and what I was hoping for is to actually import SSIS packages into that model, all with the data lineage. However, if I import SSIS package ER/Studio will create new model out of it, and I can’t do anything (or don’t know how Wink) to bring it to my data warehouse model. I have hundreds of tables in the model (and the data warehouse), and tens of SSIS packages to fill them with data. All I want is to document existing lineages by importing SSIS packages into the existing data model, not create hundreds of new (loose) models…
Is there an intelligent way to do this, without resorting to creating data lineage diagrams manually?

And while we’re on the subject – once I import SSIS package (or even if I do it manually), I only see “entity to entity” lineage (e.g. source table -> transformation -> target table) without actually seeing details on attribute (column) level, i.e. which column from the source maps to which column in the target table. Granted, if I open transformation details, under Definition tab, there’s “Code” text box with listed source and target attributes, but that’s hardly readable…

Thank you in advance!