Associate specific Managed Attributes to specific Term Entity Types in Team Server

In our Team Server(18.3)  we have created additional Term Entity Types, such as KPI, Internal Report etc., These types of terms are then grouped department glossaries.  So each department may have Business Terms glossary, KPI glossary, Reports glossary etc.

Currently, with the way the custom attributes works, we have a one size fits all solution. The attachment types from the enterprise data dictionary is applied for all terms and doesn't allow for any customization. For example, we want to capture the risk if a KPI is reported incorrectly, and this metadata is not relevant for any other term types. We are forced to have irrelevant metadata associated with the different term types and it clutters/confuses the users when they want to manage the terms.

Is there a way where I could create custom attributes for different term types? If not, how would I capture such details in Team Server.