Use of load balancer or reverse proxy in front of Team Server and the Repository

Is anyone using a load balancer or a reverse proxy in front of their deployment of the Team Server/Repository?

This gives us a couple of advantages in our environment:

  • Creation and maintenance of the SSL certificate is fully automated, including updates for certificate expiration. If we configure directly in Team Server someone would have to stay on top of and manually update the certificate prior to its expiration.
  • It allows us to configure an alternative, "friendlier" hostname for our users to connect with; e.g., instead of something like ersapwn1w5, as per our naming standard, users would connect to erstudiorepo. Though we can do this using DNS CNAME records, it's a bit easier for us if we're doing a reverse proxy for SSL anyway

Is there anything for us to be aware of if we do go down the path of setting a reverse proxy? Any gotchas you had to work around?