Wherescape support in Data Architect/Team Server?

Is there any support for importing Wherescape metadata into Data Architect or Team Server?

  • Hi Brian. The simple answer is nothing direct yet. We, in the product management team, are looking at scenarios to support in an integration so any ideas you have then let us know. We are looking at simple integrations such as being able to import logical/physical models into Red and then more complex solutions such as being able to choose items for inclusion in the warehouse from within Team Server and execution in WhereScape. Everything is on the table right now so good timing.

    Tell us about your scenario. Is it that you want to see whatever WhereScape is creating for the structure in the Data Warehouse within ER/Studio? Is this so you can document against logical models and publish to a wider audience?

    In the short term you can reverse engineer direct from the warehouse into Data Architect.

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