Housekeeping columns added automatically

Using a macro, how do I add common “housekeeping” columns that are duplicated in all tables. Currently adding them manually but looking for a way to use a macro or other method to add them automatically.

  • I just use a data lineage and create those few housekeeping fields in the lineage and then can just quick add them from the lineage drop-down on each table as I create a new table. Or just have a generic table object that has only those same house keeping fields and then you can just copy and paste that generic table every time you need to create a new table so you are always starting with those fields. There may be a way to do with with macros and data lineage but Im unsure of it.

  • Thank you Brian!!  I will definitely use your idea when creating new tables

    The problem I have is that I already have a very large number of tables already created. Just trying to find a way to automatically add a few columns to all of the existing tables.