ER Studio - Data Architect

Hello Team,

I have just concluded the modeling for an Oracle DB but found it had to publish. How do I publish?

  • The following options do not address publishing to Team Server -- (if you have a Team Server repository viewer access there may be additional options)

    • Option 1: Generate Report
      • Tools / Generate Reports
        (alternately right-click on the model... Select Generate Reports)
      • you can configure various octopus for the report generation
        publish to HTML or RTF
        (multiple configuration options for exported image size etc... for HTML publishing as a single document or multiple linked pages etc.)
      • best option to externally publish your entire data model contents (if you don't have TS)
    • Option 2: Export Model Image
      • Tools / Export Image
      • best option to generate an image of your (sub-)model
    • Option 3: Export Model Metadata
      • Tools / Export File /
        • Export Diagram Matadata or
        • XML Data
      • I haven't used this option much, useful if you want to back-up, potentially move info between tools or do your own specific handling (XSLT etc...)
    • Option 4: Print
      • "print" to a file -- e.g. if you have a pdf writer installed
      • Alternate to option 2 -- primarily if you want a PDF format

    Hope you find that useful.