ER Studio & Postgres

Has anyone successfully used ER Studio with a Postgres database? I have been trying to do so for over a year, but keep running into critical issues involving compare/merge, such that I can't ever get the model to cleanly compare to the database.

For example, when I compare model to a DB which was just generated from the model, all character-based datatypes show as 4 characters longer than they actually are in the DB.

Fields that are set as INTEGER in ER Studio and which are generated as INTEGER in the DDL are showing up in the compare/merge tool as INT4 - however this only started when I switched the database platform from Postgres 9.x to 10-12x. This was not a problem when the DB was 9.x

I also am having problems with datetime datatypes - they show up as "time without timezone (6)" in the model, and "timestamp (8)" in the database. 

I'm just curious if I'm the only person trying to use this tool with Postgres. I have used the tool for almost 20 years with Oracle.

Ralph Slate