Bug in the objectmodel: DBSchemas.Add() of ER/Studio 19.1?

If MySchemaName <> "" Then
			Dim MySchema As DBSchema
			Set MySchema = MyModel.DBSchemas.Item(MySchemaName)
			If MySchema Is Nothing Then
				PrintText("[INFO] Schema "+MySchemaName+" met owner dbo is succesvol aangemaakt.")
				Set MySchema = MyModel.DBSchemas.Add(MySchemaName, "dbo", "Gegenereerd door de datamodeling pipeline.")
			End If
...code continues...

Hi there,

I've written a macro where I create a database schema in the physical model (see the code snippet above). In version 18.3 and 18.5 it worked like a charm. In the current version 19.1 however it now complains that Set MySchema = MyModel.DBSchemas.Add(MySchemaName, "dbo", "this is some comment.") contains an 'invalid number of parameters'. Inspection of the function DBSchemas.Add says that three arguments are all that is needed to generate the schema.

Anyone who can confirm this issue? Help would be much appreciated ;-).