ER Studio DA shuts down if I close a ReverseEngineer task

Tied to prior msg. I use latest (19.0.1) version of DA.

I connect to postgres db to reverse engineer.

I reverse a few tables successfully. Finally hit a table with column name > 30 characters. Task fails with error code.

I select File Close to exit that window. ER Studio shuts down completely.

  • This is linked to the issue triggered with the column with big length. The empty tab crashes Data Architect.

  • I got to say this version does not feel as 'visually' slick as earlier versions I've worked with from say 6-10 years ago. Same basic functionality but it feels like they have gone with some generic UI widgets that are just not as slick. Single click on table selects it. Double click does not appear to do anything. Third click brings up attributes. When identifying non identifying mandatory keys it sometimes puts random 'ID1' column in the child table. It sometimes does not bring up relationship box to allow me to specify 'rolename'. Lots of little weird stuff that I don't remember happening.

  • If you are using the regular cursor:

    • Single click selects the table
    • Double-click opens the table editor
    • Shift + click allows to directly rename the table|column
    • Third click doesn't do anything special