Postgres Reverse Engineering error The Parameter is incorrect

I downloaded latest version of ER Studio last week.

I downloaded latest version of Postgres last week.

I can connect from ER Studio via ODBC on my local windows PC.

ER Studio can see the objects available. I select the tables I want reverse engineered. It goes through them all it appears (as script flies by).

However right at the end it pops up an error 'The parameter is incorrect'.

I unchecked all 'options' such as drive relationships from indexes etc so it becomes the most basic reverse engineer of tables only. No matter - same error.


  • I figured it out. I guess PG allows column names > 30 characters (63 actually). When it hits a table with 36 character column name on import reverse-engineer job fails with the above error. I shorten the column name and it works. I don't control the naming of these tables/columns so I just need to deal with it. ER-Studio should be able to support it (it's had that 'feature' for years apparently).

  • Nice catch dg1. I'm pretty sure it will be fixed in a future release.

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