Reverse Engineering SQL Database with Temporal Tables

I have a database with a bunch of temporal tables so I reversed engineered it into ER/Studio Data Architect and all the temporal tables come in as separate tables showing no relationships to their parent table.  Is this because the definitions do not meet a prescribed standard or is that the norm for ER/Studio Data Architect?

  • My experience with the support temporal tables has been disappointing as well.  I was excited to finally be able to design 100% of my SQL database within ER/Studio Data Architect, including temporal tables. Forward engineering worked.  Reverse engineering the same databsae messed up my physical model. Most (but not all) of the temporal table specs where wiped out.  RowStart & RowEnd columns were affected.  I was surprised to witness a new bug with the table & column definitions.  Reverse engineering also mixed up which definitions go with which columns.  Total mess.  We waited 2 years for this capability.  I am thoroughly disappointed by this bug behavior.