Enable Logical Only using Macro/screen

Hello experts,

I am trying to load around 300+ entities in ERStudio using macro. Somehow the entity names don't display in the Data Model tab. It just shows as Entity1, Entity2 etc. I want the actual names to be displayed there. I tried updating the table name, but still name doesn't show up. I noticed that if I check Logical Only checkbox in the entity editor, I am able to see the entity names in Data Model tab. But I cant do that manually for all the 300 entities, Can you please help if there is a way I can achieve this via screen or macro? I am attaching screenshots below, if that helps. 

Thanks in advance.




  • If you Save, Close, and Reopen your model the names will appear. 

    You can also try putting the following at the beginning of your macro processing:

    DiagramManager.EnableScreenUpdateEx(False, false)

    and then put this at the end of the macro processing:

    DiagramManager.EnableScreenUpdateEx(True, True)
    The first statement will disable screen and tree updates while the macro adds the objects.
    The second statement re-enable the screen and tree updates.
    Just make sure the second statement is always executed (i.e. if an error occurs) because it disables all the menus.

  • sure, thanks a ton for your reply Slight smile