Automated/macro creating external tables based on owner value?

Hi ER/Studio friends,

I have a question: is it possible to change the DDL output of some of my tables in my model? For example: I have a data model with 2 tables in it: Monkey and Tiger. Both are conceptually modeled within the same domain, however in reality Tiger comes from a different schema (within the same SQL server). With scripting I managed to change the owner (=schema) to model1.Monkey and model2.Tiger. Now I want to change the create table statements based on the owner, as shown below:

<Current Situation>
create schema model1;
create table [model2].[Tiger]()
create table [model1].[Tiger]()
</Current Situation>

This is however what I want to achieve..

<Wanted Situation>
create schema model1;

create external table [model2].[Tiger](
) with (
DATA_SOURCE = [model1],
SCHEMA_NAME = N'model2',

create table [model1].[Tiger](
...some columns and fk to model2.Tiger..
</Wanted Situation>

This is what I found out so far..

- SQL server uses this construct:
- DDL for the physical entity/table is readonly -> not editable via macro (EntityObject.TableDDL)
- I've found no option in the DDLGeneration object that gives me the option to alter the create statement for tables..

Thanks in advance guys/girls!