attachment default values not accessible with Macro if imported using Metadata Import

I've imported a PowerDesigner LDM into ER/Studio and run a macro to extract attachments and their default values to Excel. None of the imported default values appear in the Excel, only those I've added or edited since the import.

Any idea why, and what I can do to sort it?

I'm accessing dictionary.attachmenttypes.attachment.valuedefault

'#Language "WWB-COM"

Option Explicit

Dim diag As Diagram
Dim dict As Dictionary
Dim AttType As AttachmentType
Dim Atts As Attachments
Dim Att As Attachment

Sub Main


Set diag = DiagramManager.ActiveDiagram
Set dict = diag.Dictionary
For Each AttType In dict.AttachmentTypes
    For Each Att In AttType.Attachments
         Debug.Print AttType.Name & "," & Att.Name
         'Debug.Print "   -- " & Att.Description
         Debug.Print "   -- default value -- " & Att.ValueDefault

End Sub

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