Importing [data type] Domains For Individual Attributes

How can I use a bulk loading process (using an out-of-the-box ER/Studio Data Architect macro or something else) to apply/associate one of the Domains [i.e., the datatype domains] that I've already created in the data dictionary to each logical attribute, either...

  • As part of the process of importing attributes from an Excel spreadsheet using the a modified version of the Import Columns From Excel macro?  The current out-of-the-box version of that macro lets us import several items of attribute metadata such as attribute data types and definitions, but does not allow us to import the domain that we want to apply to each attribute.
  • Using some other macro or some other way?

I have a data model that includes several thousand attributes/fields and don't want to have to use the GUI to apply those Domain-Attribute applications/associations one at a time.

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  • Use the Domain Bindings Export to Excel to export your desired tables to a spreadsheet.  You can then use the spreadsheet to assign the domains, and then use the Domain Bindings Import from Excel to import those changes to your model.  One caveat - importing those domains will cause the columns in the model to inherit the properties of that domain, i.e. data type, data length, etc, overriding whatever is currently in the model.

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