Unable to delete attribute


ER/Studio Data Architect 16.0.1 (Build 9386)

Checked out the model from the repository.  Trying to delete attribute which is a primary key column.

But, the delete option is disabled. It does not have any dependency (foreign key nor super/subtype).

It is not even synchronized with the physical model.

I can delete the table but, not its attribute. 

Any ideas?

Than you.

  • Hi,

    I'm guessing you probably tried this already but have you tried removing this attribute from the primary key/delete the index?

    Have you tried deleting it through a merge/compare with the Physical model (delete from current)?

  • It is likely that the column in question is in the table due to an Identifying Relationship.  If so, you will not be able to delete the column in the child table.  Removing the relationship and leaving the 'Make Foreign Keys Native' box unchecked will remove the relationship and the column from the PK.