Import FKColumnPairs

After perusing the Excel import macros, I noticed that the most any of them do for relationships is to import the names, definitions, and notes. I'm writing a macro to import all relationship information but I got stuck at FKColumnPairs. What I have so far is:

    Set theRelationship = theModel.Relationships.Add(RelationshipDefs(i).ParentTableName, RelationshipDefs(i).ChildTableName, nRelationshipType)
    theRelationship.Name = RelationshipDefs(i).RelationshipName
    theRelationship.Definition = RelationshipDefs(i).RelationshipDefinition
    theRelationship.Note = RelationshipDefs(i).RelationshipNotes

Where I run into trouble is trying to add values to FKColumnPairs. There doesn't seem to be an .Add method for it. Any suggestions?