No good topic for this: Is there a way to add attributes directly in the diagram, or can this only be done by opening the dialog?

I could have sworn there was a way to do this (F2?) but nothing is working.  It would help to have a way to quickly add attributes as you are thinking about them, going quickly from entity to entity...  then later enter the dialog to address the underpinnings.  (I agree with one of the other post-ers that the topics for this section are inadequate.  We need a topic called BASICS for this sort of thing, and maybe one called OTHER from which Idera might cull other topics as needed.) 

Any help appreciated! 

  • You can do what you are describing when you create a brand new entity only.  Once an entity is created, the only way to add attributes outside of the Table Editor dialog is to use drag and drop from another table (using the CTRL key if you wish to retain the attribute in the source table).