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I am unable to validate multiple views when reverse engineering, but I'm not finding any true problem with the SQL.

It does not seem to like pivot tables. I think I am also getting an error when a view references a table in another database. It also does not seem to take the schema into account when parsing a parent view; if the schema is other than dbo, it thinks the referenced view does not exist.

Are there any tips and tricks? Is there any way that I can bring these views in without changing them?

  • 1. Pivot tables, are these created in excel or SQL?
    2. Views will show as invalid if a source object is not present in the model, just as it will not compile in a database if the object cannot be found. To correct this issue, you can either bring that object into your model by doing a compare and merge with the other database, reverse engineering the other database into another DM1 file and copying the object to your first file, or if you have the Professional Edition, link that object into your model file using Universal Mappings see link:

    3. Not parsing parent views that are of a schema other than dbo. Is it possible that you only chose that one Owner(schema) when reverse engineering?

  • Hello Arthur,

    I found even elder indication of this problem with the parcer in ER/Studio, where I left my comment too:

     View OK in SQL Invalid in ER/Studio 

    Unfortunately the problem is being ignored by developers for years already... Too bad as the software itself is brilliant

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