Printing these models.

For the life of us we cannot get our model to print out or even converted to a simple .jpeg or .pdf. We do manage to get it partially, but never lined up accordingly and always come out a mess. Multiple pages or a single page where the model is very small and off to one corner. We are trying to eventually get it to print to a plotter we have to hang up in our support section for them to have as a visual aid. We have tried every different option or fit page, 1;1, current zoom, etc.

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  • Ensure that your printer/plotter drivers are up to date and that your page sizes are correct.  You may wish to experiment with a user defined page scale to see if you can get it to print on a few pages as a test.  You can drag a page border in the print preview dialog to resize the user defined scale.  Please contact support so they can walk through the steps you are taking.