Case sensitivity - SQL Server

I'm looking for a way to build a 'collation' statement in ER/Studio DA.  I want to change a code column on a table to be case sensitive and have this column used in an Alternate Key (AK). For example, I am creating a reference table crosswalk and  want to allow 'JR' , 'Jr', and 'jr' to be each be entered.  In SQL Server the alter command is:

ALTER TABLE dbo.extrnlistdtl
ALTER column listdtlcode varchar (50) COLLATE Latin1_General_CS_AS;

This works fine and does the trick if I run in SQL Server.  In the physical model I can do pre/post scripting to handle this in a more automated fashion   However, I want to be able to create this in my logical data model because, at my shop, we create multiple physical models from our logical models.  As a result, I have to recreate the post script for every physical model.

Does anyone on these threads have a resolution?

  • Hi Gregg.  You could set up an attachment and bind that to the entity.  Then, after you generate the physical model, run a macro to create the PostSQL statement(s) for the table(s) that are bound to that attachment.

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