How can I see and set the sizes (height, width) of entities numerically?

Other than stretching entities with the mouse, I cannot find anywhere to see or edit the sizes numerically.  I really want to edit multiple selected entities at the same time, eg to make them all the same width.   This seems to be a very basic function, so I must be missing something?

  • Hello Dandreae - 

    You can Control Select multiple entities and then drag them all to have the same width or height.  You can also Control Select them and click on the Icon to "Match Width" and "Match Height".  

    If you'd like to update all of the entities in your model, you can use the filter icon on the left nav menu and clear all the elements.  You can then select "Business Entity" and hit "OK". This will filter your view to only your Business entities, you can then either select the top while holding shift and then select the bottom one in the list or use control to select the ones you want to update.  You can then drag them to all change their size at the same time.  Don't forget to go back to your filter and select all again or you'll wonder why you can't see your other objects in the left nav menu. 

    While Height and Width can not be adjusted in Window>Preferences>Formatting>Conceptual Modeling > Business Entity, you can adjust other formatting items (ie color, text) that will be applied to all of the entities going forward. 

    Hope this helps!

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