Reverse Engineer HANA database through MetaBridge

Has anyone had success reverse engineering a HANA database using the Import bridge feature in ER Studio?  In trying today, I got the following error - I did not provide any information for the Driver since it was not a required field in the Bridge, but it looks like ER Studio is expecting some installation files that don't exist.  The whole path isn't shown in the screen or the exported error log, but my version 17 install has no child folders under C:\Program Files\IDERA\ERStudio Data Architect 17.1\MetaIntegration\bin, nor do I see a JDBC folder anywhere in the Program Files\Idera path.

<INFO> Running bridge...
<ERROR> [BLIB_F0115] Unable to open 'C:\Program Files\IDERA\ERStudio Data Architect 17.1\MetaIntegration\bin\..\java\Jdbc\saphana'. The error is: 'Path does not exist'
<INFO> MITI component(s) with build version '9.1.0 - 2018-01-29': MIR.jar
<INFO> MITI component(s) with build version '9.1.0 - 2018-02-28': MIRUtil.jar
<INFO> MITI component(s) with build version '9.1.0 - 2018-03-22': Mimb.jar, MIRModelConverter.jar, MIRModelBridge.jar
<ERROR> The tool failed with error code ERROR_IMPORT 

  • What this error means, is that you need to add the following subfolders java\Jdbc\saphana to your C:\Program Files\IDERA\ERStudio Data Architect 17.1\MetaIntegration\bin\ folder and add the missing MIR.jar
     Mimb.jar, MIRModelConverter.jar,and  MIRModelBridge.jar files in the saphana folder