Trial Serial Number

I cannot check the trial I download because it needs a serial number.  I never received any email after downloading either.

  • Hello, and thanks for reaching out. I can see that you signed up for the ER/Studio Business Architect trial. If you haven't added "[email protected]" to your whitelist, it is possible the email went into your spam folder. I located the trial key that was assigned to you, and will send it to you via email.

  • Not in spam folder and I also downloaded data architect and I'm having the same issue.  I have received email previously for Data Profiler free product.

  • Thanks for that information. I see your contact info under Data Profiler and the email address matches. I also see a listing that you signed up for the Data Architect trial, but there is no serial number listed for that one in your contact record. I will have our team check on why the ER/Studio emails did not go out to you. My apologies for the issues you are having.