Recommended Structure for Business Process Modeling and Notation Workspace


My team and I are modelling all the business processes using BPMN and are wondering what a best practice is for structuring such an undertaking. This question revolves around proper logical separation of concerns (i.e do I segregate the models/diagrams by business unit such as HR, Construction, Engineering etc), proper usage of Projects, Models, Diagrams and Elements etc.

My initial thought, being a long time software engineer/architect is:


     BusinessUnitModel1 (e.g. Construction)

          ProcessModel1 (e.g. ConstructionProcess1)




          ProcessModel2 (e.g. ConstructionProcess2)






     BusinessUnitModel2 (e.g. HR)...

You get the drift. Am I on the right track?

Thank you for any advice/assistance.

  • ebonnett,


    It sounds like you are on the right track. As far as best practice is concerned, it is hard to say if there is a right or wrong way, more of an understanding on how you would best utilize it.

    The below link, best explains the Product Design:

    Along with the "Using ER/Studio Business Architect" docwiki, as it gives a good overview on the product:

    In terms of your example, if you were to proceed that way, you would need to keep track of different workspaces, as each department you mentioned, would require its own workspace. That being said, from your previous post, the usage of the repository, requiring one user/one workspace, could be a hurdle, and you would most likely be required to separate each department by Workspace, in order to prevent such issues.