Link Behavior - very strange

OK, putting together a conceptual model in BA.  Have the business entities in the model, now I am putting the links in. Here is what I am seeing....

I have Biz Entities A, B, C, D, and E.    I want A to have a link to B and B to have links to C, D, and E.   I put the link from A to B in and name it "A to B"  I then put links in from B to C, D, and E.  I rename B to C "B to C", then some how magically the link from B to D  and B to E are all called "B to C" and if I change the name from "B to C" to "B to D" the link name changes and all the links originating in B become "B to D"   To quote Yoda, baffled am I.   Any help welcome.


  • Hey Art!

    Let me see if I can help you out. 

    • When you update "B to C", do you have several links selected at the same time?
    • Are you referring to actual links (with the link icon under Reference Objects) or are they interactions (with the arrows under Conceptual Objects)?
    • When you created the B to C, B to D links, did you copy and paste them or did you draw them all individually?
    • When you go into Properties under "Source and Target" are there more than one target?

    I'm able to add links and the labels are different, so there must be a way that you are doing it differently than I am.