killing a lock on a Business Architect workspace

Having some odd problems.   I have a workspace on a onedrive folder.  I shared the folder out read write to other folks.  At this point I can get in with Business Architect and then close the workspace cleanly.  However there is another member on the team that can't get in read write through business architect.  They can only get in read only.  Any thoughts on this?  Any way to remove a write lock from the workspace?  Thanks much.  


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  • There's two likely causes... 

    1) They have a temp file in the workspace directory that needs to be removed

    2) If you checked it into a repository, they will need to check it out of the repository to get access.

    Is this a compressed workspace or the full workspace directory?? You might try exporting the workspace and compressing it and then have them import it.

    If those aren't the issue, then I would check the license keys.