Delphi 10.2 label1.left and label1.right command

I'm sure I'm missing something basic. I'm new to Delphi 10.2 but I've noticed that if I look at the property of, say Lable1, in the Object Inspector and see that the current Left position is 225, I can't use that in my code as a command.

For example, If I write the code Lable1.Left:=225 and run the application, the label doesn't go to the position on the form where I think it should go. However, if I first determine the integer value for Lable1.ExplicitLeft and use that number in my command for Lable1.Left:=####, it does move to the position on the application where I want it to be.

This is also evident on my older programs if I have to re-compile them under 10.2.

I'm not a professional programmer so I would appreciate any help on how to get my objects to the screen location where they need to be. Thanks in advance for your help.