Who uses SQL Comparison Toolset and what is their experience?

Are you curious about who the customers of SQL Comparison Toolset are in terms of the organization, industry, and country?

Are you curious about what the size and the deployment model of their database environment are?

And are you curious about what these customers have to say about SQL Comparison Toolset in terms of the team and organizational impact, quantifiable results, competitors, and recommendations?

Read the 1-page summary of the survey results from TechValidate to learn who uses SQL Comparison Toolset and what their experience is.

Also read the TechValidate case studies with testimonials, challenges, use cases, and results from:

  1. NMG — a small business professional services company in Canada

  2. Covenant Health — a large enterprise health care company in the USA

  3. Consumers Credit Union — a medium enterprise banking company in the USA

  4. First National Bank of South Africa — a medium enterprise financial services company in South Africa

  5. National Vision, Inc. — a small business consumer services company in the USA

  6. The Judge Group, Inc. — a medium enterprise professional services company in the USA

  7. Thom Child and Family Service — a Non-profit organization in the USA

SQL Comparison Toolset helps database administrators to manage schema and data changes for SQL Server and Oracle Database. Unlike its competition, it provides a comprehensive comparison and synchronization of schema and data including across database versions, the generation of individual object creation scripts, a quick rerun of comparisons, saving of settings for comparisons, and saving of workspaces and server sets.

Speed up your DevOps workflow. Easily automate and propagate database schemas from development through staging to production. Around the world, database administrators and developers managing the movement of database versions through their organizations save hundreds of hours and achieve much higher levels of precision and accuracy.

For SQL Comparison Toolset, view its product page, download a free, fully functional, 14-day trial, request a product demonstration, and request a price quotation.

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