How to run prescriptive analysis with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

SQL Diagnostic Manager distinguishes itself from typical monitoring tools because it is more than just a symptom-based monitoring tool, since it can give you deep-dive diagnostics. And even extend further than that to provide you recommendations. It generates those recommendations via prescriptive analysis. With this prescriptive analysis, you can quickly and easily tune the performance, security, and disaster recovery of SQL Servers.

Run a prescriptive analysis on a specific SQL Server instance to identify and resolve SQL Server performance problems. The analysis engine scans the SQL Server configuration for potential problems and the health of the databases, resulting in a useful set of recommendations for improving performance. Prescriptive analysis targets some of the most common areas of SQL Server performance problems. Instead, workload analysis targets the performance categories for index optimization and query optimization. Workload analysis provides recommendations for these two categories that use a high amount of performance resources when running.

Watch the 8-minute video “Running Prescriptive Analysis with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server to learn how to tune SQL Server by running prescriptive analysis to generate expert recommendations including executable scripts with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server.