How to create custom counters with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

Every environment is different. SQL Diagnostic Manager has pre-configured metrics that it monitors and collects

for historical review. Having the ability to extend this monitoring footprint is paramount. Obscure monitoring requirements will be necessary. Having a tool that adapts to the environment is crucial.

Besides monitoring a wide variety of the most common SQL Server and operating system performance metrics, add additional performance metrics via custom counters. Add any Windows system counters including any Performance Monitor and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) counters. Also, add any SQL Server system counter stored in the “sysperfinfo” system table and any numerical value that custom SQL scripts return. Also, add and any performance counters accessible through the virtual machine and host server.

Watch the 18-minute video “Creating Custom Counters with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server to learn how to monitor, alert, diagnose, and report on any available performance indicator for SQL Servers by quickly and easily creating custom counters with SQL Diagnostic Manager.