Generating and Executing Object SQL Scripts - Aqua Data Studio IDE

In week 4 of our Improving the Daily Life of a Database Developer blog series, we discuss the common task of generating and executing object scripts. If you missed it, you can read the previous post on Creating High-Quality and Easily Editable SQL.

Generating Object Scripts

Another common task in database development and administration is to generate SQL scripts for database objects. For example, to copy the tables, views, constraints, indexes, and other objects from one environment to another, developers look for an easy way to generate the database object scripts, or extract Data Definition Language (DDL). They can then run those scripts to create a test instance in a separate environment.

Traditionally, generating schema scripts for multiple DBMSes entails using a different tool for each one. But in a database IDE designed for a wide variety of platforms, the tool abstracts the scripting and syntax differences from the developer and generates the scripts in one consistent interface. The IDE approach offers options for generating single or multiple database object scripts, as well as previewing, executing, and saving SQL and DDL scripts.

Many database IDEs now integrate with widely used version control systems to manage and track changes to scripts. Making version control accessible from inside the tool enforces the consistency of database objects and SQL across developer teams. It also extends the benefits of version management and protection beyond the traditional realm of application development to the world of database development.

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