Discover 10 Lesser-known Capabilities of SQL Diagnostic Manager


This blog post describes ten lesser-known features of SQL Diagnostic Manager with links to short how-to videos and additional resources. Learn how to add custom counters and custom SQL scripts, capture deadlocks, integrate with SCOM, monitor application transactions, query waits, tempdb contention and virtualization metrics, and setup actionable responses, baselines, and custom dashboards.

#1 Monitor Application Transactions

Monitor wait states and application transactions by continuously sampling queries and plans with the SQL Workload Analysis add-on. This add-on significantly upgrades the wait state analysis capabilities of SQL Diagnostic Manager. Combine the operational monitoring from SQL Diagnostic Manager and transactional monitoring from SQL Workload Analysis to view instance properties and alerts, receive prescriptive recommendations for operational diagnosis, analyze workloads for transactional diagnosis, and arrive at a comprehensive root cause analysis. Refer also to the blog posts “How Can SQL Workload Analysis Help You?” and “SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro General Availability” introducing the add-on, and the product pages, the data sheet and the product documentation for the add-on.