Error in Management Console when navigating through instances

After an unexpected server reboot, we seem to have developed an issue with SQLSafe.  We've been using it successfully for a few years but are out of our Maintenance contract (SQLSafe v8.0.0.503).

Clicking on any discovered instances brings up the error:

"Caught unexpected error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

The Management Console states (0 days remaining) at the top as if the licence has expired and navigating into the Licence Key Manager it states Total Licences N/A.  All instances are licenced and our licences are still valid.  

Looking at the centralized_license_keys table, I can see the licence keys are in the database.  I've also tried restoring from some backups from before the server crash and have the same issue with the repository.

The Management Console states it's connected to the repository and the Management Service is connected too.  We can still restore databases (we only get the error on the top level of the instance, but can expand and look at the status of the individual databases fine) and backups are still running, but I can't make any changes to Policies. 

Has anyone seen this issue before?

  • There's an issue with a DLL file that used to validate licenses for the product. I've included some information from our knowledge base with information on how to resolve this particular issue.

    SOLUTION NUMBER: 00011919

    You may see the following error in the SQLsafe Mangement Console License Key Manager or in the result text of a failed backup operation.

    "License is expired or invalid." OR "The specified license key is invalid."

    SQLsafe requires a update to the "License4Net.dll" from version 5.0 to version 6.0 on all servers running SQLsafe Backup Service.

    To check the version of 'License4Net.dll':
    1) Navigate to the installation folder of SQLsafe on the target server, by default it is 'C:\Program Files\Idera\SQLsafe'
    2) Locate the file named 'License4Net.dll'
    3) Right-click and go to Properties
    4) Select the Details or Version tab, the version should be listed under versions.

    Development has created a utility to assist with remote updating all of your servers with a SQLsafe Backup Service installed.

    The utility and documentation to using the utility have been uploaded to Idera's FTP site. To access our FTP Server, click on the link below or copy and paste it into your internet browser:

    When prompted for credentials, please use the following (case-sensitive);

    Your username is: IderaUpdate
    Your password is: [email protected]

    After downloading the files:
    1. Read IderaUpdate_Instructions (SQLsafe Agent) documentation for steps to perform the remote update.
    2. Unpackage the IderaUpdate Utility on the server you want to deploy the update from.
    3. Follow the steps outlined in IderaUpdate_Instructions (SQLsafe Agent) documentation.
  • Thanks Tep, a combination of following these instructions and the manual update notes in your other post have resolved the issue for us :)
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