SQLVDBCDM - virtual point in time restore?

Has anyone had any luck in getting point in time restore to work using the CLI (command line interface)???

I have no issues restoring a full backup, however can't seem to find any examples of how to accomplish this...

SQLvdbCmd CREATE bwprodbasedb_v \\NetworkFolder\bwprodbasedb\bwprodbasedb.safe -Replace -DisconnectUsers  -Password Abc!23! -InstanceName PRODi -IncludeLogins -RecoveryMode NoRecovery  -Move v_bwprodbasedb G:\VirtualDBs\v_bwprodbasedb.mdf  -Move v_bwprodbasedb_log G:\VirtualDBs\v_bwprodbasedb_log.ldf -Server TXDF2-SQLV1-P01

How to do the differential and subsequent log files?

Support for this is incredibly lacking...

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