Data Domain Setup

Is there any documentation for configuring Data Domain backup destinations? We are currently using SQLSafe and would love to be able to leverage SQLSafe 8 to backup directly to the Data Domains. We have tested EMC’s DDBoost application and would like to be able to leverage SQLSafe 8 instead. With DDBoost we were able to configure 2 Data Domain endpoints. Is the same possible in SQLSafe 8?

  • In Safe 8.0, Data Domain backup destinations are handled similar to any network share. You can configure different DD shares for striping or mirroring each file.

    Please note that by default, when DD is selected as the backup location, Safe encryption and compression are turned off to allow DD Boost de-duplication to operate at maximum effectiveness. If your preference is to use Safe compression &/or encryption, you can simply change those selections in the wizard.

  • Thanks Richard. So does selecting Data Domain from the dropdown just disable encryption and compression or does it do other things different from a normal file restore.

  • That’s pretty much it from a user configuration standpoint.

  • If in using the SqlSafe 8.0 product, if Data Domain backup destinations are configured and used to perform MS Sql Server database backups to DD resource targets – (say within the xps procedures within MS Sql Server agent jobs) – are the backup & restore event data written to MSDB and to the Idera repository database? {Or only to the latter or to neither?}

  • SQL safe records to both MSDB and their repository (for reporting) for backups. But warning, there is no SQL Safe "clean up" process to maintain a nice and tidy MSDB database. You will have to setup a separate Maintenance task/SQL Agent Job for that.