Automatic detecting and performing full backup

Hi ,

I’m using SQL Safe backup v7.2. When a new db is created and diff/log backup runs on the database(for the first time) the backup fails telling that full backup is not available.

I read below statement in version history of sqlsafe. Could anyone help on how I can achieve this?

Automatic Full backup prior to Diff/Log: SQL Safe simplifies the initial setup process by automatically detecting and performing a full backup if required prior to a differential or transaction log backup.


  • I’d expect this behavior to be triggered within our Policies feature — if you set up multiple databases for repeated job backups, and we determine during an attempted backup that a full doesn’t exist for the database, we should kick off that full. Are you seeing this behavior in a policy, or during an attempted ad-hoc backup?

  • When the server is added to the policy it generates sql agent job and we have scheduled this in autosys to trigger.
    Can you share the steps on how to achieve this?
    Also can you help me with the tables or details where exactly does the sqlsafe look for previous backup details and decide that the backup is missing for a database?


  • I looked into this, and the full would only be taken if the SQLsafe backup policy itself had full backups configured along with the logs and differentials. SQLsafe should be able to parse the response from the server indicating that no full exists in that situation, and take the full backup before the scheduled log or differential.

  • How and where SQL Safe will check for backup and decide that previous backup are not available?


  • Hi,

    I’ve configured the full and diff in the same backup policy but when I test with a diff backup on a database which doesn’t have any backup, still the job is failing with full backup doesn’t exits.

    Could you please help me, if I need to make any special setting. Can you share any weblink or document were I can refer on how to setup this? I had a look in the reference and help document which comes long with the tool but could not find anything in that.