New Release No 2.3 issue

Recently upgraded from 2.2 to 2.3 and noticed great new features, thanks.
But the new manager is reporting SQL version wrong, it is reporting the version as (10.50.6000.34) twice instead of “SQL server 2008 R2” + (10.50.6000.34) as in the previous version.
Please advise how to fix if its not a bug.

  • Please go to the Instances view, then click on the orange drop down bar in the view title (Database Instance - Managed being the default) to bring up the Patches view. Click on Check for New Build List and this should be updated immediately.

    If you see any other such issues with build names please let me know and I can correct it on the build list. We tried to catch all the builds for all versions of SQL Server, but some of them apparently snuck through!
  • what is the URL that update this table??
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