Viewing the Elements logfile

I have a few instances at remote sites across a WAN VPN and Elements is regularly sending emails that it failed to connect but they disappear almost instantly and I’ve run scripts polling every second, unable to duplicate the connectivity issue. Is there any way to parse the Elements log files to get a better idea of what’s failing so I can track it down?

  • You can open the log files using the TracerX utility found at:


  • What version are you using? We had reports of SQL Elements 1.0 being a little too quick to report downtime, which we’ve tried to improve in SQL Elements 1.1. If it’s still an issue we may need to look at this from a different angle.

  • We’re using 1.0. 1.1 upgrade is on The List, probably in a couple weeks.
    After viewing the logfile, it only called for a notification after checking WMI, and adding a WMI check to my polling script, I did actually manage to duplicate the connectivity issue with WMI timing out around 0.05% of the time. While not a particularly high failure rate, that still comes out to ~5x/day polling every 10 seconds.

  • Yes, it was the WMI check which was on a hair trigger in 1.0 and this was corrected – in case you end up chatting with anyone internally on this, the defect number was DE40684. I think you’ll have some relief on upgrade.

    Point of interest – most Idera applications that use .Net also use the TracerX utility for logging. It’s a good idea to open the log with the version of the utility in the install location because sometimes different applications have subtly different versions of the logger. Sometimes the logs are a bit cumbersome to sort through but they are often quite rich.