Duplicate Servers

Started to run scans using Elements … and I am noticing several servers being listed twice, one just the server name and one the fully qualified server name. Is this normal or is it picking up something else?

  • I have found if there is a named instance of SQL that Elements will return both server and named instances.

    Example: a default SQL Express installation will return both
    * Server
    * Server\SQLEXPRESS

    of course you can only connect to the named instance and I have just removed or disabled the machine name. But I have never seen a FQDN returned: server.domain.com

  • I can confirm Robert’s description: When SQLelements browses for servers by name, it’s using the same underlying method that SSMS uses for a browse. We’ve found that in some cases, that can turn up a default instance in a situation where none exists. Let me know if that’s true in your case as well. I can say that, knowing this limitation in the browse, Development is looking at some additional verification in an upcoming release to clarify whether an instance that was found as a name could accept a connection (and is therefore certainly real) or not.