Feedback of tool

Hi All,

After using the tool for ~1 week and getting on a technical call with Idera team, I promised to send a list of feature requests and bugs that I’ve encountered with this tool:

1) Can it be set to do a discovery based on multiple schedules?
2) In Users, can we add a domain group, rather than individual accounts?
3) When a new SQL instance is discovered, can an email alert be sent rather than having to view it in the Dashboard?
4) Under Discovered Instances tab, can you add OS there? Reason is if I wanted to exclude all my user laptops, by looking for say an OS with ‘Workstation’, then it’s easier to sort by and do a multiple mass update
5) Licensing tab – shows inaccurate results for physical processors. I have a VM with 24 logical CPUs and underlying hose is 2 physical processors but SQL Elements shows up as 5.

Hope this helps,

  • Issues for use in a large scale network would be nice
    Add two classes of users (admin/user) with user able to view but not change
    Would like to give leadership the ability to check Elements dashboard but not make changes
    Add discovery feature to include/limit by domain or ip range(s)
    We control five separate AD domains – cross domain discovery would be very nice
    By IP range(s) could be an alternative

  • I agree 2 classes of users (admin/read only user) is very much needed.

    Would also like to be able to: search comments, open Management Studio for an instance from the instance list, select a group of instances and use that list to open SQL Admin Toolset tools, indicate if ports are dynmic or static.

    Also any addtional information about the instances and databases, such as login and users and roles would be helpful.

  • One more thing, auto Ignore rules for discovery would really help