SQL Database Snapshots

I have a user who has created some Database Snapshots of their database, Elements is showing this like it is a database with the errors and alerts that show it hasn’t been backed up and log file is full, etc. When I look in the Databases table in the IderaElementsRepository database, I don’t see a way to tell if this is a database or a snapshot. Can/Should(?) snapshots be excluded from the standard alerts? Is there a way in the raw data to signify that an object is a snapshot and not a normal table?


  • You’re correct, this was an oversight in the alert design and it’s been captured as a bug. Right now it’s planned to be fixed in the next release. You should be able to dismiss the alert and it shouldn’t come back again (though as you note, you’d have to know it was a snapshot).

  • Great news. Will you be adding a field or some other way to identify it in the databases table? e.g. a SourceDatabase field like in sys.databases or a custom is_snapshot or other such field? I’d like to exclude these in some of the database centered reports we’ve created.