Idera Data compare PK violations

I am attempting to insert new rows only from DB1.TableA to DB2.TableB (same structure, different name). I have the following comparison options on: Compare and synchronize tables, Ignore character case when comparing text column, synchronize rows that exist on the left database only, compare databases with different collations, and disable dml triggers off and action on forign keys “None”. I am able to compare the tables and generate a script for DB2. When I run the script on DB2, however, I get PK violations that the row already exists. Are the settings that I need to set in order to do something similar to the following:

select * from DB1.TableA
left join DB2.TableB on DB1.TableA.ID=DB2.TableB.ID
where DB2.TableB.ID is null –exists on table A but not on Table B.

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